Base-Line Healing


Connect with your Base-Line.

The Key to Better Health.

human figure seen from the front, looking up the body with the baseline muscles shown.  The base pelvic floor muscles, a basket of muscles within the bones of the pelvis that provide the solid foundation for the body. The rectus abdominis muscles extend from the pubic symphyis of the pelvis, up the front of the abdomen to the ribcage. The rectus abdominis muscles are like to 2 parallel stacks of panels of muscle, blocks side by side, from base to midchest either side of the linea alba the body's baseline for alignment and balance. These muscles are the body's core pillar of strength, learning to use them provides the connector between body and mind so we can feel how to heal ourselves, releasing the pain and recovering our physical health.

Base-Line healing is all about learning to use the right muscles and releasing the pain.

Look at the pictures, find the muscles on your body. Keep thinking about how you use them. Everything stems from there.

Time and effort required. Things only you can provide.

summary of Base-Line healing

Please bear in mind this site is a work in progress and some pages are under construction but the anatomy - all you need - is all here.

I was a wreck, physically and mentally. With constant pains throughout my body, a long list of body-wide symptoms. I was in a deep depression for nearly 20 years.

I have learned to heal, learned to use my body correctly. Its been a long process, I had a lot of stored trauma to work through as I focused on using my five main muscles of movement to their fullest.

Starting from Base-Line. The connection between body and mind.

Little by little, releasing the pain and tension. Working towards balancing and aligning my body by regaining my full range of natural movement.

5 main muscles of movement

anatomy of alignment

mind-body connection.

imbalance pain & tension



Feel how to heal.

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