Base-Line Healing logo. Stick figure with arms outstretched above shoulder height, legs apart. Rainbow of colours up midline. Red at pelvic floor Base then a line of orange, yellow, green blue extending to the head. Showing the body aligned and balanced, the natural way to treat fibromyalgia. Use your body better slogan.

A 3D Model Showing The Main Muscles Of Movement. Created Using can be slow to load (for me).  (It might just be my internet connection and old hardware.). If it is slow, please give it time. It is well worth a look.

  • Click on a muscle to highlight and see its name.
  • You can rotate the model for a view from all angles. See how the main muscles of movement fit onto the skeleton. (pan mode v. rotate mode)
  • Zoom in and out.
  • The blue circle in the bottom right corner will open the menu for more options.

See the model on here.

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