Base-Line Healing logo. Stick figure with arms outstretched above shoulder height, legs apart. Rainbow of colours up midline. Red at pelvic floor Base then a line of orange, yellow, green blue extending to the head. Showing the body aligned and balanced, the natural way to treat fibromyalgia. Use your body better slogan.

Posture, Body Alignment & Balance Page List.

A body that is balanced and aligned, with a good posture and a full range of natural movement, is one without pain or tension.

Body alignment & balance - What do they mean?

A good posture.

Full range of natural movement.

Image of a human figure viewed from the front. Showing a line straight down the middle with the body balanced either side. Midline anatomy is at full extension and in alignment, creating the median plane.

Anatomy of alignment:

The median plane.

Midline markers.

Image of human figure seen from the side. Showing the midline anatomical structures of the linea alba at the front of the abdomen from pelvis to chest,  and the nuchal and supraspinous ligaments at the back of the body, following the curvature of a neutral spine.

Linea alba.

Nuchal & supraspinous ligaments.

Awareness of your posture and state of alignment increases the connection between body and mind.

Body-Mind Connection Page List

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