Base-Line Healing

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Full and Natural


A full range of natural movement is what your body should be able to do.   It is something to aim for, something to work towards.

When the main muscles of movement can be fully engaged and the body is free of physical restrictions we are flexible and strong.

Life heaps trauma on us... absorb the damage rather than shake it out.

Core pillar of strength long and strong.

I was considered 'bendy', the way I sat, could twist my hips, I constantly figited but I was already missing a lot of movement in my upper body by the time I started school ... weak - never trusted my arms to support me, monkey bars, gymnastics a no-no! cartwheel crash..

Can you remember a time before the traumas and damage, the time when you weren't so tense, so sore?   I had no idea what I was missing until I discovered my Base-Line.

Reclaim your full range of natural movement .   Little by little, release the physical tensions guided by your sense of conscious proprioception.

There are clues about movement everywhere - yoga asanas, tai chi, dance, ballet etc.

multiple poses of the body showing the potential of the human body for a full range of movement and balance and dynamic alignment

Appreciate that the human body is capable of a vast spectrum of poses and an infinite flow of positions between poses within your body bubble.

conscious proprioception.

The body has the potential to be very flexible.   It is also very adaptable, continuing to function with significant restrictions.   There are multiple options for the body to achieve the same 'pose' (such as touching your toes or touching your nose). It can skip over painful positions and make mini-adjustments throughout the body to imitate the 'ideal' pose. As you start to connect more with your body you will start to notice more of these. kinks and twists. ass out, knee adjustment etc... avoidance tactics.

I had no idea how much movement I was missing.   Over the years, less and less movement, more pain avoidance.

My legs were 'tight'. hips restricted.

My upper body was rigid. I didn't turn my head, I had to turn my whole torso. And I only turned one way.   My arm span was severely limited, the tenson across my chest back and neck stopping my trapezius muscles expanding to their full extent.

For every position the body can get into, imagine there is a line from each extremity (fingers, toes, head) that runs through the body, with the rectus abdomi-nis being the central control board. The curve for each potential position should be as long as possible, a smooth thread without kinks or knots. thread theory

This process aims to straighten out all these threads running through the body, from end to end in the longest achievable way. Always beginning from the baseline and extending out through the other main muscles of movement.

It's not just about the big muscles.   so changing facial expressions, jaw movements, eye movements, wiggling fingers and toes changes the threads.

Do whatever you want to do - take classes, dance, but always focus on moving from your Base-Line, then engaging the other main muscles of movement, trying to use them to their full extent as all movement extends out from your engaged and elongated baseline,

Getting into a pose is not the goal, working from your Base-Lineout is.

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Movement should not be painful.