Base-Line Healing


The Linea Alba.

Linea alba means "white line" in Latin.

(Lin-E-a  al-ba)

A strip of tough connective tissue, midline from pelvis to chest at the front of the abdomen.

From the pubic symphysis of the pelvis to the xiphoid process of the sternum (breastbone).

The navel (belly button) lies on the linea alba.

human body seen from the front. The linea alba lying on midline at the front of the abdomen from pelvis to chest. Starting at the pubic symphysis of the pelvis - the bone between the legs, extending to the bottom of the ribcage - the xiphoid process of the sternum. The navel lies on the linea alba and should align with the top and bottom points of the linea alba i.e. the linea alba is fully extended.
skeleton showing the rectus abdominis muscles running up either side of the linea alba from pubic symphysis of the pelvis. The rectus abdominis and linea alba start at the pubic symphysis between the legs. The rectus abdominis muscle made up of panels of muscles, like two stacks of blocks either side of the midline linea alba.  The rectus abdominis muscles attach to the front of the ribcage, if you put your hands on your lower ribs at the front, fingers touching in the middle on the breastbone the rectus abdominis muscles attach where your hands are.

The left and right rectus abdominis muscles lie either side of the linea alba.

The linea alba is formed by aponeuroses (thin sheets of tough connective tissue) that extend from the lateral abdominal muscles as they merge midline at the front of the abdomen.

The rectus abdominis muscles sit within the rectus sheath (a tunnel formed by the aponeuroses on their way to form the linea alba)

the rectus sheath containing the rectus abdominis muscles, meeting midline to form the linea alba
seen from side angle. The linea alba between the rectus abdominis muscles, midline from the pubic symphysis of the pelvis to the xiphoid process of the sternum. The navel is situated on the linea alba. The aponeuroses of the lateral abdominal muscles merge to form the rectus sheath enclosing the rectus abdominis muscles (two stacks of muscle sheets) before meeting in the middle to form the linea alba.

On the median plane, the linea alba is our primary guide for body alignment.

Work towards maximal flexibility and extension in the linea alba by focusing on your Base-Line muscles becoming stronger and longer.

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Connect mind and body. Feel your linea alba guide for alignment.