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The 5 Main Muscles of Movement.

skeleton and the 5 main muscles of movement side-back view skeleton and the 5 main muscles of movement side-front view

When properly functioning, the main muscles of movement provide the central framework for the body to work as it should - strong, balanced and pain-free.

Learning to use my main muscles of movement, with my Base-Line at the core, has changed my life.

I feel physically and mentally better than I ever have done before.

The 5 main muscles of movement are:

1. pelvic floor 'Base' (actually a group of muscles)

2. rectus abdominis 'Line'

3. gluteus maximus

4. rectus femoris

5. trapezius

the main muscles of movement 5 paired muscles. Baseline pelvic floor and rectus abdominis muscles at the core.
female Base-Line muscles pelvic floor like a basket and the rectus abdominis either side of your central line - the linea alba. Connecting with these muscles is how I cured my fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Learn where the main muscles of movement are on your body, and focus on feeling them active - starting with your Base-Line for better physical health, pelvic floor and rectus abdominis muscles.

The other 3 main muscles of movement link the rest of the body to your Base-Line support:

The gluteus maximus and rectus femoris muscles of each leg work in tandem to connect your Base-Line to legs.

The trapezius muscles should be free to extend in all directions connecting your Base-Line to upper body - head and arms.

Regain your natural range of movement and balance your body by learn to use the 5 main muscles of movement to their full potential, releasing the physical restrictions and using their sensory feedback for conscious proprioception.

the baseline muscles pelvic floor base rectus abdominis line your core strength. a central pillar, strong and flexible.

Working with your main muscles of movement. overview page

What happens if I don't use my main muscles and have no connection to my Base-Line?

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the main muscles of movement. Pelvic floor muscles. Rectus abdominis muscles that start from the pubic ligament and symphysis, the middle of the front of the pelvis and attach to the ribs. Trapezius muscles attach to the base of the skull and down the mid-line of the upper back also extending towards the shoulders.
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Learn to use your main muscles of movement and feel better.