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The 5 Main Muscles of Movement.

When properly functioning, the main muscles of movement provide the central framework for the body to work as it should - strong, balanced and pain-free with a full range of natural movement.

The 5 main muscles of movement are:

1. pelvic floor Base (actually a group of muscles)

2. rectus abdominis Line

3. gluteus maximus

4. rectus femoris

5. trapezius

the 5 main muscles of movement labelled, paired, left and right sides. Trapezius, rectus abdominis, gluteus maximus, pelvic floor (group of muscles) and rectus femoris.
skeleton and the 5 main muscles of movement side-front view. Baseline muscles - pelvic floor at the base of the body within the bones of the pelvis. The rectus abdominis muscles running up the front of the body from pelvis to ribcage. The rectus femoris muscles of each leg are like strong poles down the front of each thigh from hip bone to shin aligning the hip and knee joints.

Look at all the pictures.

Find the muscles on your body.

skeleton and the 5 main muscles of movement. The gluteus maximus muscles - big ass muscles. The left and right trapezius muscles form the superficial layer from mid-back to the back of the head, extending out towards each shoulder. The muscles of the back of the neck to the shoulders then down and in towards the spine at the level of the lowest ribs.  The trapezius muscles approximate to a kite-shape (think 4 triangles with a cross), a blanket of muscle that curves over the shoulders and up the back of the neck.  The nuchal and supraspinous ligaments on midline where the left and right trapezii meet - think of this as the vertical line in the kite-shape. Movement should start from the lower trapezius, moving upwards and outwards - the lower

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What happens if I don't use my main muscles?

the main muscles of movement. Pelvic floor muscles. Rectus abdominis muscles that start from the pubic ligament and symphysis, the middle of the front of the pelvis and attach to the ribs. Trapezius muscles attach to the base of the skull and down the mid-line of the upper back also extending towards the shoulders.

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