Base-Line Healing


The Median Plane.

Median (mee-dee-an): Midpoint, middle.

Plane: A flat, two-dimensional (2D) surface.

The median plane is the slice that splits the body into left and right halves.

Straight down the middle. Our true midline. The body balanced either side.

The median plane is a straight line when seen from the front or back. A 2D shape from the side.

The median plane is the thinnest slice (plane) that splits the body into left and right sides. Also known as the mid-sagittal-plane it is our true midline for alignment and body balance.  A 2d shape when seen from the side, with a front and a back to the shape.  When viewed from the front or back the median plane is a thin line straight down our midline from head to pubic symphysis.  One leg lies either side of the median plane.

When our midline anatomy can be positioned on the median plane the body is aligned and balanced.

Midline anatomy that should align on the median plane include:

* linea alba,

* nuchal and supraspinous ligaments.

* midline markers

The median plane of the body, a 2 dimentional shape when seen from the side. The linea alba at the front of the body from pelvis to chest. the nuchal ligament and supraspinous ligament a continuous structure at the back of the body. From bump on back of skull, curved down neck to midback and then to the lower spine.
image of human body with slice down the middle splitting the body into exactly left and right halves.  body alignment comes when the anatomical structures on the median plane can be placed in a straight line.

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