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Anatomy of Alignment:

The Median Plane.

The median plane is the slice that splits the body into left and right halves. Straight down the middle, our true midline, with the body balanced either side.

The median plane is a straight line when seen from the front or back, and a 2-D shape when viewed from the side.

Three images showing the median plane from different perspectives. The first image is of a human figure at an angle, showing the thinnest slice (plane) from head to pelvis that splits the body into left and right halves. Also known as the mid-sagittal plane, the median plane is our true midline, left and right halves of the body are balanced. The second image shows the median plane as seen from the side - a 2d shape with a front and a back that cuts through the body. The third image shows a straight, thin line.  This is the median plane when viewed from the front or back. If our midline anatomy lies on the median plane then the body is aligned and balanced.

Median = Midpoint, middle.


Plane = A flat, two-dimensional (2-D) surface.

The body must be "correctly arranged" to create the median plane, where:

  • All midline anatomy is fully extended and arranged on the straight line of the median plane. The body is aligned.
  • Left and right sides are in equilibrium either side of the median plane. The body is balanced.

body alignment and balance

Our midline anatomy that should align on the median plane includes the linea alba at the anterior (front) of the body and the nuchal ligament and supraspinous ligament at the posterior (back) of the body.

Aligning The Body To Create The Median Plane.

The first step in aligning the body and creating the median plane is to work with your Base-Line muscles: pelvic floor Base, rectus abdominis Line.

Base-Line muscles

skeleton and outline of human figure seen from the front. The line of the median plane is marked with a thick line from head to pubic symphysis of the pelvis, dividing the body into two equal halves, left and right sides balanced either side of midline. The Base-Line muscles are shown. The pelvic floor at the base of the body, a basket of muscles that are crescent shaped on midline. The rectus abdominis muscles the body's central Line from pelvis to chest, two strips of muscle either side of the midline linea alba. Focusing on activating the baseline muscles is the key to feeling our midline anatomy and working towards and alignment and balance when the median plane can be created.

Your Base-Line muscles provides sensory feedback about the relative positioning of your midline, so focusing on using these muscles helps to increase awareness of your sense proprioception (your sense of position, motion and balance).

conscious proprioception

Sensory information about the positioning your midline anatomy is provided by many other sources too. All will help to guide you in how to move in order to increase alignment, and improve your posture.

sensory information

Feel Your Anatomy Of Alignment And Balance.

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