Base-Line Healing logo. Stick figure with arms outstretched above shoulder height, legs apart. Rainbow of colours up midline. Red at pelvic floor Base then a line of orange, yellow, green blue extending to the head. Showing the body aligned and balanced, the natural way to treat fibromyalgia. Use your body better slogan.

Hi, I'm Leigh.  I created Base-Line Healing .com to share how I recovered from decades of pain.

I learned to use my body correctly and I believe this technique could help many others in pain too.

My recovery has taken a lot of time and focus, things that ONLY YOU can provide for yourself.

I want to help in any way I can, so please contact me if you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or just want to have a good old moan about how hard living with pain is.

(This site a work in progress so please ignore spelling mistakes for now!)

[email protected]

I'm not selling anything. All the information you need to start healing is on this website.

Keep looking at the anatomy pictures. Keep thinking about how you use your '5 main muscles of movement', starting from Base-Line.

Build the connection between body and mind and feel how to heal by regaining movement, improving your posture and releasing the pain and tension on your body.

Base-Line muscles

the key to healing

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