Base-Line Healing


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All The Different Physical Exercise Forms.

Whatever exercises you do or classes you take, whatever physical philosophies you follow, try using your main muscles of movement to their full extent, centered around your Base-Line.   What can you feel?

Other than Pilates, I have no experience in and have never taken a class long list of martial arts, yoga, various dance forms .....

"internal martial arts" awakening your conscious proprioception?

physical aspects of traditional disciplines Ideas and concepts in traditional exercises have developed from people trying to explain what they have experienced - stories used to describe the sensations that have then developed into almost mystical beliefs (and others elaborate, distort over time).

My experiences have led me to think the chakra system symbolises the power and connectiveness of the mind and body when the main muscles of movement are fully working.

The origins of 'the chakra systems' -A long time ago someone trying to describe what it feels like when the main muscles of movement are fully engaged and balanced. The strength and power of the human body when it is working at optimum, the feeling of connectiveness and wonder. As far as I can find, chakras are first described in THE UPANISHADS which are written in Sanskrit so I can't read the original source, and so anything else would have to rely on a translation. which is only as good as the translators interpretation. from a time with less scientific understanding, stories influenced by the thinking of the time, trying to make sense of what is experienced

Over the centuries many things can get lost in translation, are subject to interpretation and the translators whim, or sometimes just plain adulterated. The re-interpreated,

Feeling the strength of the Base-Line muscles supporting the rest of the body when they are engaged and elongated, an awareness that is the basis of conscious proprioception. I've felt twirling/swirling as I've worked on regaining my range of movement whilst engaging my main muscles and one day it occurred to me that these sensations could be the basis of 'energy vortexes'.

Trying to get a balanced engagement in the left and right main muscles of movement, especially bl pf ra feeling the flicker betweeen left and right muscles as they contract in turn. the true balance of both sides equal the eventual goal.

Traditional dancing

Many styles and traditions from around the world. Tribal dancing, Ballet, belly-dancing. Indian dancing, head and hand movements.


Joseph Pilates found his muscles orginal book v rigid in the approach, he states 1st exercise. there's no way I could do that for over a year!

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