Base-Line Healing

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Threads,Patterns & Body Bubbles.

Imagine for every position the human body can get into there is a unique multi-threaded pattern.

Each pattern consists of threads that arc from the tips of each extremity (toes/feet, fingers/hands and head) to a central connection board of the rectus abdominis muscles.

It should be possible to extend each thread to their full potential.

Regaining a full range of movement involves straightening out all the threads of ech pattern from end to end so there are no kinks and all the threads are smooth and free to move.

When there is a tension on a thread it can have effects anywhere on the pattern.

The relevant section of the rectus abdominis needs to be engaged for the associated compensatory muscles to relax and allow the threads to be extended. Working from Base-Line

Blyth's Body Bubble

A bit cheeky namesaking it but the illiteration is too irresistable.

Imagine the body's extremities tracing out a perimeter - a bubble - as you move.

The fingers, toes and head can only reach so far apart i.e. there is a finite distance between the extremities, greatest when the body is free of physical restrictions and able to fully extend.

I've borrowed an illustration!

How many positions? How many patterns? Approaching an infinite amount of positions in a finite space.

Blyth's Body Bubble a finite area containing the innumberable positions that the body is capable of.

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