Base-Line Healing


What if I don't use my Main Muscles of Movement correctly?

You lack the central support and balance that the main muscles of movement should provide.

Your body tries to compensate by using other areas of muscle, depending on what you are doing and your position at the time.

Muscles become stressed and sore.

You are more prone to injury, and don't seem to fully recover after trauma.

Adaptations in your connective tissue system (in a response to injury and as the body tries to compensate for the lack of central support) cause restrictions in your range of motion.

The body skips over painful movements and restricted areas by adjusting your posture throughout your body.   You may not realise how much movement you are missing, or attribute it to getting older.

The body becomes more and more imbalanced and misaligned.

You suffer pain.  Different types of pain and weird sensations due to the tensions in your connective tissue, muscle pain and tender points due to the effects on the muscular system.

Cumulative damage increasingly unbalances your body as your connective tissue "stiffens" into a restrictive web applying tension and restrictions throughout the body.

Varied symptoms and syndromes (seemly unrelated but all pain-based) occur all over the body.   Your individual trauma pattern gives you your unique list of issues.

Fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and a myriad of other conditions.

Chronic physical pain is detrimental to mental health.   Stress, tension, depression. Self-doubt, feelings of hypochondria.

The more active you are or the more trauma you've suffered, the more damage is stored on your body, so the clinical signs of dysfunction in the usage of your muscles will be noted at a younger age and progress at a faster rate.

What if I don't have a connection to my Base-Line muscles?

You don't know what you are missing!

Your brain has no central guide for body alignment.

Fidgeting in bed, trying to 'align my spine' in an attempt to ease the pain but I had no Base-Line reference to guide me.

You are unable to re-set to healthy after a trauma.   You adjust rather than heal.

Traumas build up.   Pain levels continue to increase.

What can I do to remedy this situation?

Acknowledge your pain.

the key to healing!

Read this website. Take control.

Start with your Base-Line muscles - pelvic floor and rectus abdominis. Find a connection to these muscles, then keep working on building your connection.

Practice the roll-down whilst focusing on engaging your Base-Line muscles - longer and stronger.

Keep practising the roll-down.   Aim for a good breathing technique.

Think about engaging your gluteus maximus and rectus femoris muscles, connecting your Base-Line to your legs.

Think about your trapezius muscles connecting your upper body to your Base-Line support.   Focus on the movement of your head and arms starting from the lower trapezius, and then the whole of the trapezius muscles spreading and expanding to their full extent.

Develop your conscious proprioception skills, awakening the mind-body connection.   Your Base-Line provides the starting reference for alignment.

Explore your movement extending out from your Base-Line.  Sense where your natural range of movement should take you and feel where the main muscles of movement are in relation to each other.

how long to heal?

Find your tension areas.  Release the pains you have been carrying around.

Feel better!

The mind-body wants to heal. Give it the time and opportunity to do so.

What else?

Work towards balance in the left and right of each of the 5 main muscles of movement.

Do what is easiest - find positions where you can feel these muscles activating.

Eventually appreciate what true alignment and flexibility are like.

I had no idea movement could feel so smooth yet so powerful.

Freeing your body can induce healing pains.

As I unravelled the physical mess that I was in, I experienced pains everywhere - shifting around and around.   Reminders of all the symptoms I've had over the years, and then they were gone - cured.

Releasing physical tensions may have emotional effects.

I learned to let them happen, and then let them go.   my emotional experiences.

You have nothing to lose by trying this technique, and your life to regain.

Read the disclaimer - you are responsible for yourself.

There are many idiopathic (of unknown cause) symptoms and syndromes associated with chronic pain.   No known cause means no effective treatment.  No relief for those who suffer.  I believe that only when the main muscles of movement are being used correctly can their dysfunction be ruled out as the cause of the otherwise mysterious, painful symptoms experienced by so many.

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Feel how to heal yourself.