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Base-Line Theory:

Fibromyalgia Explained.

The current diagnosis of fibromyalgia really means:

"We don't know why you have all these pains and feel so bad, but a lot of other people have them too".

Often described as 'poorly understood' but idiopathic (the cause is not known) would be a more accurate term - until now.   The term 'fibromyalgia' is very apt for the process that I believe is causing so much pain!

(New Latin) fibro = fibrous tissues

(Greek) myo = muscle + algos = pain


Lit. Muscle and fibrous connective tissue pain.

Pain from mis-used muscles and the restrictions that form in our body-wide web of connective tissue as a result of misusage of the main muscles of movement.

What happens if I don't use my main muscles of movement properly?

There are lots of pathways to fibromyalgia and chronic pain induced depression.   Once you are on that path of physical imbalance it keeps if the underlying dysfunction is not corrected.   The effects compounding - spreading and growing, radiating throughout the whole body.   Cumulitive damage, ever increasing over the years.

Running through the body, layers upon layers of trauma, chains of tension, zig-zagging from left to right, inside to out, front to back, restricting movement and causing widespread pains.

The restrictions form system increase over time, resulting in more and more painful symptoms the body becomes increasingly tense and restricted.

In an attempt to provide the support our connective tissue 'stiffens' (along threads and position dependant). This causes tensions and restricts our natural range of movement.   The sensory information from the tensions are what we call pain.

Adaptations and effects of the body.

People who naturally use their body correctly, balanced around their Base-Line are able to shake off old injuries and return to a good 'posture', but those that don't end up carrying the damage around.

Traumas are stored rather than released. Increasingly tense, unbalanced and misaligned unable to reset back to baseline healthy. Effects all over the body.

Movement and body whole.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are very real, and expletively painful at times.

When we do not use our proprioceptive skills to really feel the position of our body then we are unable to reset back to Base-Line healthy.   Injuries and trauma build up, never really healing or going away as our connective tissue system becomes more and more restrictive and we lose our range of movement.   A progression of pain ever-increasing, affecting us both physically and mentally.

Fibro is fixable - with TIME and FOCUS.

Everyone has their own individual trauma pattern to work through, but the key to healing is the same:

Heal from your Base-Line and develop your conscious proprioception skills.   Learn to unravel the tension and release the pain.

How long to heal?How many years, or possibly decades, of accumulated pain do you have to work through?

My fibro experience

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