Base-Line Healing


Base-Line Healing.

Feel how to heal.


I used to think the human 'machine' was a poor design. But I was wrong, it was years of poor usage that had made life so painful.

I did not use my main muscles of movement.  The resulting stress on other muscles and the physical restrictions that had built up on my body - stored trauma and damage - were the source of all my pain, tension and depression. My body was mis-aligned and imbalanced and my range of movement severely restricted. I was in constant pain of one sort or another, a long list of body-wide symptoms over the decades.

baseline - your mid-line guide line from pelvis to chest.

Then I discovered the key to healing was focusing on my Base-Line muscles and developing my sense of position, motion and balance connecting body and mind. (Our sense of conscious proprioception.

Working from my Base-Line has changed my life.

I learned to release the pain, you can too.


Summary of Base-Line Theory.

Our Base-Line (pelvic floor and rectus abdominis) muscles are our core pillar of strength that, when fully utilised and the body is free of restrictions, can support the body through its full range of natural movement.

Think of a solid base extending into a strong and flexible line, from where all movement should originate.

Like a ribbon anchored to a rock.

base-line muscles core pillar of strength central to healthy movement and the sense of conscious proprioception. learn to treat your pain, symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The position of the rest of the body is relative to our Base-Line.   Sensory information from these muscles allows us to start to feel our markers for alignment on the body's median plane.

Connect with your Base-Line and feel what I mean.

Our Base-Line muscles are two of the five main muscles of movement, the muscles that are crucial to healthy movement and a balanced body.

(The gluteus maximus, rectus femoris and trapezius muscles being the other three.)

Focusing these muscles develops our conscious proprioception skills and the ability to feel how to move in order to release the physical restrictions that are the source of so much pain.

What happens if I don't use my main muscles of movement correctly?

Base-Line theory of human health and movement.

Summary of Base-Line Technique.

Learn to use your Base-Line:

Find your "Base" pelvic floor muscles.  The base foundation for all movement.

Activate your rectus abdominis "Line".   The central pillar that should support the rest of the body.

Base-Line muscles. Base like a basket between your legs, central line two stacks of muscle panels side by side from pubic symphysis to your chest.  Treat chronic pain fibromyalgia by developing conscious proprioception feel your baseline central pillar of strength.

Use the roll-down whilst focusing on your Base-Line getting longer and stronger.

Then work with the other 3 main muscles of movement, linking your legs and upper body to your Base-Line support.

Focus on using these muscles and develop your sense of conscious proprioception - the connection between body and mind.   Learn to heal yourself, regaining your natural range of movement and releasing the physical restrictions and tension on your body.

Feel how to heal.

Always be guided and supported by your Base-Line.

How long to heal?

It takes time and focus to utilise the main muscles of movement if you are not used to using them.   Try to keep these muscles in mind whatever you are doing.

Your "healing time" will depend on:

  1. The level of deficiency in the usage of your main muscles of movement.
  2. The length of time you have had a deficiency.   The effects on body and mind increase over time.
  3. The amount of trauma your body has stored.   Your individual trauma pattern.
  4. The time and effort YOU put into connecting with your Base-Line and working towards true body alignment.

The deficiency in my main muscles had been life-long and I had been hard on my body.   A decades-long list of damage to work through and symptoms to relive, but after my depression lifted it was like a new world.

It's taken over 2 years of almost constant movement, working through the restrictions, little by little freeing myself from the pain, tension and trauma.

Where to start?

Look at the anatomy pages and find the main muscles on your body.

Focus on connecting with these muscles, always starting with your Base-Line.

Use the roll-down and get moving.

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Connect mind and body. Feel the power of your Base-Line.