Base-Line Healing

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My recovery has taken a lot of time and focus. Things that ONLY YOU can provide for yourself.

My dysfunction was absolute, every thread of my body was affected which I why, I believe, my recovery illustrated what the problem really was.

How and why the roll-down became my 'go-to' move.

After rock bottom I committed to strengthening my 'core muscles'.   Daily Pilates and regular swimming, with a constant awareness of my posture and pain levels.  Within a few weeks I could feel new muscles working and was becoming aware of how bady I used my body as I moved.

I was "rolling down" at every opportunity.  A simple exercise that felt good, and I was gaining a little more movement each time.

Then, about three months after rock bottom, the blanket of depression lifted as I stood up from a roll-down.

It was amazing.  Everything felt different.  Better.

It wasn't the end of my emotional issues, but from that day on I knew I could recover and that my years of pain (both physical and mental) stemmed from a physical problem.

It was only after many months of work, when I had developed a strong connection to my Base-Line, that I realised how twisted and mis-aligned I truly was.

Focusing on my main muscles of movement and working towards body alignment using my new-found sense of conscious proprioception has allowed me to regain my natural range of movement and release the pain I had been carrying around for decades.

Now I feel better than I ever have before.

Every time I focused on activating my Base-Line muscles I was gaining a little more freedom to move.

I could feel when my Base-Line was as 'strong and long' as I could make it, areas that had been compensating for the lack of support could relax.

Patterns were developing as I practiced the roll-down.   A little routine of various movements.  Movements that felt right, good, natural - guided by my developing sense of conscious proprioception.

Swinging my arms, bending my legs, altering my foot positions, moving my head from side to side...

Healing from my Base-Line outwards, I began to regain some of my natural range of movement.

I had no idea how far I could come. How flexible I am now, and how much movement I was missing before.

A little more freedom from the restrictions each time I focused on awakening the power of my Base-Line.

Plucking strings. (hamstrings) electric shocks. These were scary at first. Never forced but as my confidence grew and trust in the process. Every so often a full leg twang that made me swear.

♦    ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

It took a lot of time and focus to train myself to engage my main muscles of movement correctly.  Layer upon layer of pain and restrictions that I had to work through, healing from my Base-Line out.

What helped me to focus on my Base-Line muscles.

Thinking of my Base-Line as a chain of lights to be activated in turn.

As I engage my pelvic floor Base, I think "red".

Then "orange, yellow, green, blue" up my rectus abdominis Line.

I don't think the exact description matters. Find something that works for you - whatever helps you to focus on the right muscles working to build the connection.

My technique developed as I progressed and my sense of conscious proprioception developed.

I have tried to describe my evolving connection to my Base-Line, but it is something to learn about by experiencing, not reading.

I have come to believe that using your Base-Line muscles fully is the basis of the chakra system and that many traditional exercise forms are trying to teach the correct usage of the main muscles of movement.

I am not the first to feel the power of my Base-Line, but no-one else has put it in these anatomical terms as far as I can find.

The Base-Line muscles are the core of the 5 main muscles of movement.

The Base-Line muscles are key to a full range of pain-free movement and better health.

For every position the body can achieve (an almost infinite number in our 'body bubble') there is a unique multi-branched 'thread' that runs through the body.

Thread theory

The branches of each thread connect via the Base-Line at specific areas.  The relevant section of the rectus abdominis muscles needs to be active to support each individual thread, and the pathway of the branches free of restriction for the branches to extend fully.

Focus on connecting with your Base-Line.  Practice the roll-down to develop the sense of conscious proprioception.  Learn to release the restrictions and balance your body to move as you should do.

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