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My recovery - summary.

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Focusing on my main muscles of movement and their relative positions allows me to feel how to move in order to release the pain and tension.   I never knew movement could feel so smooth and controlled, or that life could be so good.

The depressed years have evaporated. The old me that I hated is a hazy memory. I feel more like the me I was meant to be.

I can't believe how flexible I am now. I had no idea how much movement I was missing, and what a tense mess the whole of my body was.

When Base-Line support is in place, and the body's connective tissue is free of restrictions, movement feels smooth and controlled.

Forwards and backwards, twisting and rotating through every level of your Line, in any position.

I can't believe how good it feels to finally be moving as I should.

Base-Line physically and mentally better than ever before.

Eventually I became aware of the difference between where my Base-Line should be and where it actually was, feeling the rotations, compressions and tightness over my body - of how mis-aligned I truly was. Describing my connection.

First I had to imagine my lower trapezius working, pretending I had wings extending from my mid-back that I was trying to spread and flap. I could feel my neck and shoulders automatically tensing to pull my shoulders up when I tried to move.  It took a lot of control to stop that happening and focus on the lower trapezius pushing my shoulders up instead.

It was well over a year before I started the real work on my upper body. Once I started to feel my Base-Line alignment (and how mis-aligned my upper body was) I was able to slowly release the restrictions and free my neck and shoulders from decades of rigidity, regaining my natural range of movement (I had no idea how much movement I was missing when I started this process).

It was a few months into healing before started thinking about my upper body, and it then took a lot of focus to activate my lower trapezius muscles at all.  A couple of weeks of trying to send the signals to the right place, imagining I had wings to lift and spread, extending from my Base-Line

My upper body was rigid.   My shoulders fixed in a hunch and my neck immobile.  I had no idea how badly until I started to heal.   From having no connection to the awareness of the crumples,folds, twists and compressions on my body   Feeling how to move through the restrictions, slowly regaining my natural range of movement and releasing the tensions I had been carrying around.

Optimising the use of your muscles = Better health.

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