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Unexplained, shifting symptoms. Always something wrong.

Caused by weakness in your Base-Line muscles?

The body's two hypochondrium, plural hypochondria. Where the rectus abdominis muscles attach to the ribs.

Hypochondria is the plural form of hypochondrium.

Hypochondrium: Either of two regions of the abdomen, situated on each side of the epigastrium and above the lumbar regions, overlying the costal cartilages.

The hypochondrium ≊ The top of your Base-Line where your rectus abdominis muscles attach.

Could this be the origin of the 'hypochondriac' label?  A whole list of symptoms, pains and niggles.   Always complaining of something.  Never feeling 'healthy'.   All because of a dysfunction in the usage of rectus abdominis and other main muscles of movement?

Self-doubt abounded.   I wondered if I was a hypochondriac, after all isn't pain said to be all your head?

pain in the brain

The pains and other symptoms were real. Now that I have healed I know that.

Filling out medical forms - have you got X Y Z?"No, No, No" therefore I must be healthy.

Results from a couple of blood-tests over the years were unremarkable.   Nothing to see, no evidence that I wasn't healthy.

I was stressed and depressed, I hardly expected to feel physically great.   I felt the depression was a fundamental flaw with 'me', I never considered it was because of my body.

I felt like a fraud, like I was making it up somehow.

Many months into healing (when I knew I had discovered the reason for my pain) I still had that strong feeling of self-doubt.  Picking up a frying pan and crying out in pain. I had no audience, no reason to be faking it, yet I still felt I was being overly dramatic despite the searing pain shooting up my arm.

Acknowlege your pain

"How are you?"  was a horrible question to be asked (especially when I knew the person asking actually cared).  I usually answered with a superficial "Yeah, OK, fine." If I stopped to think about how I was, the tidal wave of everything wrong would have overwhelmed me, and who really wants to hear all my woes?

Pretending I was OK (not showing weakness or admitting I was hurt) was a trait from my early childhood.   Gritting my teeth and getting on with it, never asking for help. Sometimes resentful that help wasn't offered - I was in so much pain couldn't just someone see??

There was always something causing me pain, shifting aches and symptoms. I tended not to mention specifics, my 'bad back' covered most of it from my early teens. I didn't want to come across as a hypochondriac/melodramatic attention seeker.

Symptom checking - all the different muscle problems (psoas, piriformis, tight TFL etc etc.) Everything was sore - could I really have them all?  I tried various muscle release techniques but I couldn't bear the pain they caused.

Chinese medicine patterns (stories that try to explain the observed connections between symptoms) - I seemed to have most of them when I read about such things. Again adding to my self-doubt - could I really be that messed up, all the symptoms unable to catagorise at all.?  It turns out I did have a whole-body dysfunction.

A name for unexplained, painful symptoms these days: Fibromyalgia.  What that really means is "We don't know what's going on and there's nothing we can do to help, but here's a label and just get on with it."  Opening the door to all sorts of quackery and miracle-cure merchants.

What can YOU do?

Build a connection with your Base-Line and learn to use your main muscles of movement to their full potential.

The Roll-Down is the basic movement to use as you focus on your Base-Line

Develop your conscious proprioception skills and work towards body alignment to free yourself from the pain.

Some cases of 'hypochondria' may be purely psychological, but unless you are in peak physical fitness with a full range of movement then, based on my experiences, I would not rule out a physical basis for any perceived pre-occupation with health and many other 'mental' issues associated with signs of pain and tension.

Connecting with your Base-Line feels good. Take control. Heal yourself.

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Movement should not be painful.



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