Base-Line Healing


Base-Line Muscles.

Pelvic floor Base.  Rectus abdominis Line.

base-line muscles and linea alba pelvic floor base Rectus abdominis line. Core pillar of strength.

Our core pillar of strength.

The central connector for mind and body.

Your Base-Line muscles provide the support needed for a full range of movement and a balanced, pain-free body.

Focusing on these muscles lets us start to feel our body alignment and develop our sense of conscious proprioception.

Think of your pelvic floor muscles as the Base foundation for all movement.


pelvic floor keeping it simple

pelvic floor in detail

Think of your rectus abdominis muscles as your central Line, supporting the rest of the body.


rectus abdominis keeping it simple

rectus abdominis in detail

The linea alba between the rectus abdominis muscles is our primary guide for body alignment and balance.

the base-line muscles seen in outline of body. pelvic floor like a basket base for the body. the rectus abdominis muscles from pubic symphysis, the front of the pelvis, to the costal cartilage of ribs 5 6 and 7. The linea alba - literally  white line, a strip of connective tissue that runs from pelvis to chest up the midline of our abdomen to the xiphoid process of the sternum. Feel for the upside down V of the front of the ribs. The linea alba is part of our midline and primary guide for alignment, lying between the rectus abdominis muscles.

The position of the rest of the body is relative to your Base-Line.

All movement should be supported by your Base-Line.

It takes time and focus to fully engage with your Base-Line muscles.

As your connection grows, your sense of conscious proprioception will develop and the ability to feel how to move in order to release the pains and tension.

The key to healing.

base-line muscles seen in outline of body. The rectus abdominis central line attaches to the pubic symphysis and costal cartilage of ribs 5 6 and 7.
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