Base-Line Healing


Breathing With Your Base-Line.

Breathe in and up through your nostrils.

Breathe out through your mouth.

Think of your Base-Line muscles each time you inhale.

Stronger and longer with every in breath.

breathe in and up through your nostrils, feel your whole body extend. breathe out through your mouth. repeat.

Take as many breaths as you need.

Build the connection to your Base-Line.

Begin with your pelvic floor Base. The solid foundation from where all movement should stem.

Then focus on your mid-Line muscles. Each section of your rectus abdominis activating and lengthening in sequence from pubic symphysis to chest. Use your hands to imagine each pair of panels activating in turn, extending your midline as you breath in.

base-line muscles seen from the front in an outline of a body leaning back a little. The pelvic floor muscles within the bones of the pelvis, a basket of muscles at the base of the body. The rectus abdominis muscles extend from the pubic symphysis of the pelvis, forming two parallel stacks of panels of muscle, separated by the linea alba, all the way up the front of the abdomen.  Attaching to the costal cartilage of ribs 5 6 and 7 of the chest. Our core pillar of strength. Flexible and supportive when fully activated and extended and the rest of the body is free of tensions. As you breath in focus on each section of the rectus abdominis muscles activating in sequence from pelvis to chest. Use your hands, move them up breath by breath.

Don't rush, just breathe.

I found it easiest to work on my breathing whilst standing (in a relaxed manner) or lying on my back.

Do whatever feels good for you.

Remember you are healing from your Base-Line out, so that is where your focus should be - it can take a long time to break old habits and many breaths to activate the correct muscles if you are not used to using them.

Be aware of when 'the wrong' areas of muscle activate.  When you feel this happening - relax, breathe and focus on your Base-Line muscles once more.

Start to feel your state of body alignment and balance. Midline markers

With every breath in, feel the power of your Base-Line increase. Strong and flexible, the body's core pillar of strength and the key to better physical health.

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