Base-Line Healing


Conscious proprioception: "The ability to sense the position of your body in space and being aware of where you should be able to move."

Technique Tips.

1. Inward focus.

Whatever helps you relax and lose a little of the outside world.

the base-line muscles our core pillar of strength. solid base between the legs. long strong line up the front of the abdomen.

Everything stems from your Base-Line.

Think:  Solid Base. Long, strong Line.

The more you practice the roll-down, the more tension you will release and the calmer your mind will become.

2. Feel the Sunlight.

Dawn is recommended as a good time for many traditional exercises, but whenever works for you.

sunrise through the trees.  Feel the sunlight on your face. It helped me to see the sparkles in my mind, the basis of the sensation of Qi and conscious proprioception sensing the position of your body in space.

Closing my eyes and feeling the sun's rays on my face. The light through my eyelids helping me to see the sparkles and develop my connection.

3. Breathe Fresh Air.

Being outdoors, breathing clean air, walking on uneven ground.

Experiencing the natural world around you, connecting with your natural state.

4. Look at the Anatomy and Use Your Body.

the 5 (paired) main muscles of movement on a skeleton.  The central support from the baseline pelvic floor and rectus abdominis muscles. The large gluteus maximus muscles of the buttocks and the straight pole of the rectus femoris muscles down the front of each thigh to the to of the shin bone. The trapezius muscles are sheets of muscle from the back of the skull to the lower back, extending out towards each shoulder. A kite, or 4 triangle areas over the back supporting the head and arms.

Study the anatomy pages on this site.

Find the 5 (paired) main muscles of movement on your body and be aware of your anatomical markers for alignment.

Close your eyes and picture the muscles you are trying to engage with.

You don't need to know what all the muscles of the human body are called, but it's good to appreciate how complex our muscular system is and to see how central the main muscles of movement are to the body.

The human muscular system is complex. Showing the first and second layers of muscles front and back views.

When feeling for balance, use the different parts of your body in contact with each other to give you clues.   Whether it be hands on your hips, or ears, or over your eyes, or your arms or head to your knees, making contact gives you more feedback about the relative positioning of the bits of your body.   Use all the information that is available - when you need it.

5. When it comes to pain ⇨ Examine the feedback your brain is getting.

Notice, focus, feel, connect.

Learn to read your body's signals better.

Conscious proprioception: A sense. A feeling. The basis of Qi.

Focus on your Base-Line to develop the connection between body and mind.   Feel your body alignment and work towards regaining a full range of movement and balance.   Release the pain.

My mind-body connection.

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