Base-Line Healing


YOU are the key to healing.

Learn to use your Base-Line muscles.

Longer and stronger with every inbreath.

It may take time but keep reminding yourself about your Base-Line and you will start to feel it.

1. Engage your BASE.

Contract your pelvic floor muscles.

2. Lengthen your LINE.

Activate and elongate your rectus abdominis muscles.

Section by section, extending from your Base.

Connect with your Base-Line.

Awaken your core pillar of strength and

the innate connection between mind and body.

The foundation for healing.

Everything else will come.

base-line muscles seen in outline of body from the front. The rectus abdominis from pelvis to chest our central pillar of strength two parallel stacks of panels of muscle to be activated in sequence, separated by the linea alba. Flexible and supportive when fully engaged and elongated extending from the base pelvic floor.  The key to curing your pain.

Focusing on the activity of the 5 main muscles of movement with your Base-Line at the core will develop the connection between mind and body - your sense of conscious proprioception:

"The ability to sense the position of your body in space and being aware of where you should be able to move."

Work with your breathing and use the roll-down action whilst working on your Base-Line becoming stronger and longer.

Every time you activate your Base-Line,

You will make progress.

A little bit more of a connection.

Another step towards healing.

I have come to believe our sense of conscious proprioception is the basis of the sensory experience of Qi - the sparkles in my mind reflecting the condition of my body.

And the main muscles of movement, centered around our Base-Line, are the anatomical basis of the chakra system.   The natural power and strength of the body when it is balanced and aligned.   Something that is only understood by experiencing it.

Body alignment and balance.

Look at the anatomy pages, find your muscles and remember:

→ It's all about connecting with your Base-Line.

→ The position of the rest of your body is relative to your Base-Line.

→ Your Base-Line muscles should provide the core support for all movement.

→ Healing can happen when your Base-Line is activated.

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Connect body and mind. Feel how to heal.