Base-Line Healing


YOU are the key to healing.

Learn to use your Base-Line muscles.

Longer and stronger with every inbreath.

It may take time but keep reminding yourself about your Base-Line and you will start to feel it.

outline of human figure seen from the ground looking up at the front.  The pelvic floor muscles at base of the torso, the body's foundation a solid basket of muscles.  THe rectus abdominis muscles extending from base all the way up the front of the abdomen attaching the the front of the ribcage. Our core pillar of strength, the central support for the rest of the body when the baseline muscles are fully utilised. The panels of muscle of each rectus abdominis should activate section by section extending from pelvic floor base flexible and powerful.

1. Engage your BASE.

Contract your pelvic floor muscles.

2. Lengthen your LINE.

Activate and elongate your rectus abdominis muscles.

Section by section, extending from your Base.

Awaken your core pillar of strength and

the innate connection between mind and body.

The foundation for healing.

Everything else will come.

Every time you activate your Base-Line you will make progress.

A little bit more of a connection.

Another step towards healing.

Base-Line muscles

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