Base-Line Healing logo. Stick figure with arms outstretched above shoulder height, legs apart. Rainbow of colours up midline. Red at pelvic floor Base then a line of orange, yellow, green blue extending to the head. Showing the body aligned and balanced, the natural way to treat fibromyalgia. Use your body better slogan.

YOU are the key to healing.

Learn to heal by learning to use your body better - which means learning a bit about how your body is put together.

Start by focusing on your Base-Line muscles.

Outline of human figure seen from the ground looking up at the front showing the Base-Line muscles. The pelvic floor muscles form the base of the torso, like a basket of muscles within the bones of the pelvis. The rectus abdominis muscles are two parallel ribbons of muscle, extending up the front of the abdomen, from the pubic symphysis to front of the ribcage. The panels of muscle of each rectus abdominis should activate and extend, section by section, extending our midline. Think of these muscles as the body's core pillar of strength, from where all movement should originate. Flexible and powerful, the central support for the rest of the body.

Base-Line Muscles.

1. Engage your BASE.

Activate your pelvic floor muscles.

2. Lengthen your LINE.

Activate and elongate your rectus abdominis muscles.

Section by section, from pelvis to chest.

Base-Line muscles

Think: 'stronger and longer' with every in breath, feeling your midline extend as you breathe.

breathing technique

It may take time, but keep reminding yourself about your Base-Line as the center of your body, relax and let yourself move as feels natural.

Every time you activate your Base-Line you will make progress,

building the connection between body and mind

and taking another step towards healing.

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