Base-Line Healing



By this point my depression had lifted.

I knew I was onto something life-changing.

Necessary foundations:

A connection between mind and body.  Feeling your Base-Line as your reference for alignment.

Whenever you encounter a pain - STOP where you are.

Focus on your Base-Line and your breathing.

Feel what happens.

When you feel ready... meet and greet your pain.

Practice the roll-down action.

Stop where you are when you experience a tightness or pain. Breathe with your Base-Line and try to relax.

Acknowledge the pain.

Not just background noise any more, say hello.

Engage and elongate your Base-Line over several breaths, lengthening a little more each time you inhale.

As you exhale let yourself melt a little lower.

Feel for your gluteus maximus and rectus femoris muscles.  Aim for a balanced contraction in each leg.

Loosen your top half by gently swinging your arms as they hang down.

All the other muscles too...

Keep resetting and rolling down a little more, until you feel that's enough.

Roll-up if your Base-Line feels strong enough.  Otherwise stand up however feels comfortable.

Then shake the tensions out, move around feel your body.

Try leaning back as well as rolling forward. Imagine curling your Base-Line in the opposite direction of the roll down. See how it feels.

It was many months before I even thought about leaning back. Forward has to be released first.

Use this flexion and extension of your Base-Line in varied positions.

Get to know your pain.

What started as just swinging my arms in a particular way eventually evolved into a full arms legs body neck dance like routine. Moves repeated 1000's of times, working through each section of the arc. working out the kinks.

Knowing my routine won't help you. Many roads lead to BFS, you need to find your own way to unravel back to baseline. Focus on your Base-Line and breathing, let the rest of it come naturally.

Always keep the focus on your Base-Line, and then your other main muscles of movement.

  1. Are you starting with your BASE - engaging your pelvic floor muscles first?
  2. Can you feel your mid-LINE extending up from your pubic bone to your chest?
  3. Where are the main muscles of movement in relation to each other?
  4. How engaged are they?
  5. Can you feel where you should be able to move?
When a muscle is active and free to move I can now sense it. Picturing it in my mind - sparkle style!. FKED bits are missing from my mind-body map I now realise. Filling in blank spaces of map Gently working out the kinks, you will find the pains shift as one area relaxes, and you may start to notice the really fcked bits. Over time you will start to become aware of imbalances.   Adjust yourself as you need to - INWARD FOCUS. Visualisation. Eyes shut. Breathe. Sun on face. Sparkles lights. Connect. the brain knows the body layout, need to bring it into consciousness. Start to feel the central line then work out from there.

A million switches to flick

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Movement should not be painful.